Monday, 1 December 2008

Zam-Buk Herbal Balm - How A Green Ointment Spread From England To Four Continents...

English newspaper advertisements tracing the spread of the Zam-Buk herbal balm from England - where it was first manufactured and sold by CE Fulford in 1903 - to four continents. Mr Fulford's inspiration for his green balm, stated in an early advertisement, was the "rich balms used by the gladiators in ancient Greece." Above: "The Great English Remedy" - 1907. And what's more there was no "flummery" and the testimonials to the cure were not bought or manufactured!

1907 again - and Mrs Scotchford of Walthamstow has nothing but praise for Zam-Buk...

A final ad from 1907 - "Do the damp, boisterous, biting March winds make your face and lips sore or your hands and arms red, rough and scaly? Help is at hand!

1908 - Zam-Buk was essential in cases of "seaside rash"!

1916: Zam-Buk - now available on four continents!
1917: "Of all Chemists and Drug Stores or the Zam-Buk Laboratories, Leeds" - "Keep a box always handy"!

1917: THE BRITISH REMEDY FOR SKIN TROUBLES - just look at that bulldog!

1918: The ever-ready ambulance!
Zam-Buk vanished from our stores in 1994, but is now available again. Google it!

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